If you are planning to develop a new system or you want to devote time for a special project or want to outsource maintenance and support for an existing system but not want to reassign your existing staff or hire additional employees then CEI can help you augment your efforts by providing qualified personnel at very competitive price.

We provide highly trained resources in the following areas through our staff augmentation services to clients ranging from mid-size to Fortune 500 companies.

  • Application Developers
  • Software Engineers
  • Database Developers
  • Testing/QA Consultants
  • Network/Infrastructure Consultants
  • Business Analysts
  • ERP consultants
  • Project Managers

Through our network of recruiters we find our clients the best resource at an affordable price and our turn around period is normally 24-48 hours. We guarantee performance and vouch for our consultant knowledge and integrity. Most of our consultants are employees of our company and not subcontracted which is so unique compared to our competitors. Based on our client feedback thus far our consultants have always finished their project on time and according to client specifications. We believe in building strong long lasting relationships with our clients by going the extra mile and delivering top quality service.